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Our Heritage 

Muriel Jones (1890–1974) was a 

South-African philanthropist.


She was born in Newport (Wales) and grew up in South Africa. In Cape Town, she became a memberof the National Council of Women of South Africa (NCWSA)and was elected Life Vice President in 1963. 


A UCT alumni, she also danced with the University of Cape Town (UCT) Ballet, with whom 

she took a tour to Zimbabwe ( Rhodesia )in 1956. She was married to Harold Higgs Jones (1888-1968). 


She was involved with many charitable activities. Among other things, she was an early activist for 

the upliftment of living conditions in Cape Town slums and townships. 


In 1939 her focus was on three basic problems in the poor areas: juvenile delinquency, intemperance 

and marijuana abuse. She was active in rising the housing standards in disadvantage areas. 


In an interview with Lodi News Sentinel, 7 December 1945, she spoke out about the“dopsystem” on Cape wine land 

farms which lead to many social ills amongst workers. 

She was also deeply concern with land pricesin South Africa


Many described her as, 'a charming personality and delightful conversationalist'


On her death she left Little Stream to the Cape Town YMCA! The Jones’s had no children.



When Mr. and Mrs. Jones bought Little Streams it was completely undeveloped land. Mrs. Jones, set about 

radical transformation, creating terraces and paths, dredging the muddy little stream way below the house, 

planting in trees which were already nearly full-grown!

Nobody could believe her courage in doing all of this on her own! 


She had an unshakeable vision. Her energy seemed endless. She stayed with her vision of what 

Little Stream could be and she made it happen! 


Little Stream is managed by the Cape Town YMCA as a 

ConferenceCentre  and Tea Garden Cafe.


If you would like to become a partner in sustaining the Estate, please contact us at

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